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Description: This is my first ever single of 2022 ft my long term collaborator/songwriter - Chase Deli Instrumental Produced by - @laritheghost Mixed and Mastered by - @laritheghost Verse - @laritheghost Chorus - Chase Deli The song is for anyone feeling the pressure of finding the right person in your life, whether it's for love, work, etc. I start out by singing the verse (I am not really a singer, I have written and recorded songs in the past but I am more of a producer/engineer trying to mold myself into an artist in 2022) and my friend/long term collaborator Chase Deli whom I worked with for many years wraps up the song with his nice catchy hook. There will only ever be 10 NFTs minted. Each NFT will grant you 3 of the following benefits. - Owning 1 NFT will grant you 1% royalty streaming split from all the major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc (This will be done automatically by signing up with the same distributor for free), this means owning all 10 NFTs will grant you 10% royalty split for this song. - Purchasing 1 NFT will grant you an opportunity to collaborate with me on a track. I can produce a beat for you, I can mix and master your track. I can feature/sing on your track if you want. Choose one of the following. - You will be invited to an exclusive Discord server with a group of music producers, artists, marketers, and content creators (video editors, writers) where you will be able to collaborate with each other and where we will help each other gain exposure to your work. (More info on this later) Hope you enjoy this track! I will be releasing many more singles this year and I will also give you guys many opportunities to work with me this will also help me support my career/journey into becoming a full-time artist and I want to share this journey with you guys. Cheers!

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